Project Ideas

Check out some proposals from our partner NGO's below to make an impression of what you can build. They're also looking for awesome hackers to join them!


My Rep

Do you know who represents YOU in the state administration? We'd like to offer citizens an fast easy way to see who is their representative on all administration levels. An easy search by home address would display all politcal officials and their contact information.


Disability does not mean inability

The "Disability does not mean inability” project aims to bring to the attention of Romanian companies the presence and availability in the labor market of this social category through a web platform dedicated exclusively to people with disabilities.

In Romania currently there are jobs for people with disabilities, and people with disabilities are interested in exercising their right to work and their potential, either physical or intellectual.

However there is no national database which encases contacts and profiles of disabled persons which stakeholders or potential employers can leverage, nor any bilateral communication between them and Romanian companies.

The web platform, financed through personal budget, integrated in, includes personal information attached to a CV. We need support from your team to develop the platform, including an english version.


Currently CivicTech Romania is using VoluntApp to manage community driven projects. We want to develop a new VoluntApp version that could be used by any NGO in Romania, either as an on-location solution, or in the cloud, nomatter what the NGO profile or project type is.